The last thing Mrs. Perry remembers is going for ice cream Sunday, March 29, with her spouse of 63 years. Over the next few days Bonnie’s health began to decline. By Thursday, family insisted she go to the hospital in Bristow. Bristow Hospital then recommended she go for COVID-19 testing at 71st and Riverside. The staff, at the testing center, was concerned about the way her lungs sounded and did a chest t x-ray. The x-ray indicated she had pneumonia. Bonny and her husband were instructed to go immediately to the hospital. With strong encouragement from her son, she proceeded to the hospital and was immediately admitted. Her oxygen saturations were in the 70’s and 80’s. This is the last time her husband got to see her. He didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye or give her one last kiss before he was ushered out due to the new policy on no visitors in the hospital.

Bonnie tested positive for COVID- 19 and Influenza B. Bonnie’s family and friends prayed for her recovery. After struggling to keep her oxygen levels up, Bonnie completed the treatment and showed improvement, but was too weak to go home. She had only been out of the bed to a chair twice in 13 days. She needed therapy and to continue having her oxygen levels monitored. Still testing positive for COVID, her family was told the only facility in this area of the State taking COVID-19 positive patients was Franciscan Villa. The family believes the Lord sent her to us.

Shortly after she was admitted to the Isolation Unit, the family was hoping there was some way they could see her. Her son and family were directed to go around the building and they could see her through her window. The nurse positioned Bonnie so she could see out the window. Bonnie is blind in one eye and as far away as they were standing on the side walk, they were sure she would not be able to see them. But as soon as she could see out the window, Bonnie began yelling their names.

When Bonnie tested negative for COVID-19, she was transferred to our skilled unit. Bonnie was overwhelmed when she rolled through the door. Bonnie told her family, “everyone at Franciscan Villa was yelling and clapping for me, little ole me.” Roy said she cried with joy once she got to her new room.

Bonnie and her family believe there is a reason why she came through all of this. Roy said, “she was sent to Franciscan Villa and you saved her. A million thanks to all of you for the amazing care you gave her.”