Flowers for friends: Community service project delivers flowers to residents in need

By breathing new life into old plants, a dedicated handful of High Country volunteers has made it their mission to raise the spirits of regional residents by refurbishing people’s discarded flowers. Since 2012, Flowers for Friends, an ongoing community service project spearheaded by seasonal Elk River resident, Brent Atwater, has been collecting plants for elderly and ailing individuals with the aim of brightening their day. The project got started after Atwater paid a visit to her grandmother.

“The idea came when I visited a healthcare facility to see my grandmother. I saw a lot of people who were left isolated and alone,” said Atwater. “I wanted to do something to help them.”

As her neighborhood’s seasonal residents would leave town for the winter, Atwater took notice of their discarded plants.

“I would notice at the end of every season, people would throw their plants away,” Atwater said. “So I started getting the plants, rehabbing them and fertilizing them and giving them to friends and people I knew who were alone in healthcare facilities.”