Flowers for Valentine’s: Nursing home residents receive community bouquets

Local residents of long-term care facilities in the Princeton area received an early valentine bouquet last week, all thanks to the efforts of their community.

Lindsay Dunmyer Price’s grandmother lived in an assisted living facility at the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. She was inspired to start the fundraiser by her grandmother’s experience of loneliness in isolation.

“I noticed with my grandmother that every time I talked to her, she was a sharp lady and for her age, 94, she was very coherent,” Price said. “Every time I talked to her, because she did not have that physical touch, that physical love and affection, we could tell her as much as we wanted and send her all kinds of cards, but every time I talked to her, you could just tell a little bit of her spark was diminishing which was really hard to see and witness and I don’t want that to happen to these people.”