Grant Invie, a CNA at Ave Maria Village, started working in long term care when he was 17.

“Some people call me an old soul. I enjoy spending time with people a few generations ahead of me. I just love the old music and the old cars. I started playing guitar in long term care facilities when I was 18,” says Grant.

Grant shares he saw the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic was taking on the residents of Ave Maria Village and wanted to do something to help. Grant says, “I thought if I would be able to come in and bring a smile to even one person through my music it would be worth it.”

Grant visited with our Activity Director, Peggy Widmer, who thought it was a great idea. “Our residents love Grant and his music so when he approached me about providing some entertainment to our residents, of course I said yes!”

Residents sat out in the two courtyards at Ave Maria Village according to social distance guidelines and were able to enjoy Grant’s warm personality and wonderful musical talent. He also walked up and down the halls and played for those who didn’t make it outside. It was a welcome respite from the reality we are all living in. ‚Äč

Grant adds, “it was a beautiful day to play guitar for the residents and I am so thankful that I could come and play for them.” We are thankful for people like Grant!