Moeller soccer seeks to kick start letter-writing campaign to elderly separated from family

Cinncinati Enquirer

A school known for signing letters-of-intent is now being implored to take advantage of their time during the novel coronavirus restrictions to write letters.

Not just any letters, Moeller soccer coach Mike Welker would like his Crusaders and others to drop a line or two on paper to elderly family, friends or total strangers. 

“I was sitting at home Monday with news in the background,” Welker said. “Just hearing all the stories on the news is sad about the elderly and how people can’t visit them. Megan’s (wife) grandfather is 98 and we try to visit him all the time. Now, we can’t even visit him.”

The thoughts of others in similar situations gave Welker an idea for all of his soccer players and others stuck sitting at home because of the restrictions in place to fend off spreading coronavirus. The idea was to keep people’s spirits up and occupy those who might be able to learn through the activity.