North Country artist brings joy to seniors in assisted living facilities

A North Country, New York, artist is bringing smiles to seniors through art and music.

Artist Joe Ferris spends his days off doing one of his favorite things. “I’m lucky to be able to do it,” he said. Sharpie in hand and singing an old tune, he is capturing his friends in the moment, even if they are a bit older than he is. In five years he has made well over 500 caricatures of seniors living in adult living facilities in New York and Vermont. It started as a quick way to make money after graduation but has turned into something more than he could have ever planned for. “It connects me with other people,” Ferris said.

Now more than ever, when Ferris says many seniors can’t leave their homes, these portraits and moments are important. The flow of colors not only lifting his mental health, but those of the person behind the window.