‘Perfect Pair’ matches U of M students with assisted living residents for weekly Zoom calls

Riley Kita is a first-year freshman at the University of Michigan. Instead of spending it in her Ann Arbor dorm room, she’s been living at her home in St Ignace.

“Since we’re fully virtual this semester, I decided to move back home,” Kita said. “Nothing new happens, we kinda just sit here and do the same old same old.”

No roommate, no floormates, and no easy way to make friends. Until one day when she got an email.

“I got an email about this new club at the University called ‘Perfect Pair,'” Kita explained. “After being in a pandemic I was like ‘Okay, any chance to meet people I want to.’”

So Riley joined Perfect Pair. But instead of meeting other freshmen, she became best friends with a senior.