Sweet story: nursing home bee hive yields 42 pounds of honey

Honeybees have been doing their thing for more than 40 million years. Beekeeper Ray Sola has been doing his thing for around 11 years, starting with two hives. He now has 100.

But once he starts talking bees, as he noted his wife says, he can go on “forever.” Hopefully, bees themselves will go on forever, too, because as Sola says, “Where would we be with the honey bee?”

The North Haven beekeeper, of Ray’s Raw Honey, is often asked to talk to schoolkids and civic groups about the importance of the pollinators.

On the day Patch met with Sola, he’d just delivered 42 pounds of raw honey to Whispering Pines Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in East Haven. He first visited there many years ago to share his bee knowledge with residents. Then, two years ago, when the facility got a new owner, he asked Sola if he’d consider maintaining a hive at the location. Asking Sola if he’d consider working with bees is like asking a bee if it likes honey.