Family sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to 100-year-old great-grandmother through the window

Daily Mail

By Frances Mulraney

A Massachusetts woman celebrating her 100th birthday while trapped inside her locked-down nursing home on Sunday may have been forced into isolation for her big day but it didn’t mean she had to be alone.  

It was already a historic birthday for Millie Erickson, a great-grandmother who resides in Sterling Village nursing home, but with her turning the century in the midst of a national emergency caused by the coronavirus it looked like it may be difficult to celebrate. 

With the elderly and those with underlying conditions more at risk of serious illness from the coronavirus, many nursing homes, including Millie’s, have placed a ban on visitors meaning that her family were restricted from bringing her in a cake and gifts. 

But they gathered outside the 100-year-old’s window anyway to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and make sure she felt their love on the special occasion.